eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod


eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod For eFootball 2023
eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod

Hey there, fellow gamers and football enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of virtual soccer and discussing a game-changing addition that's set to make your eFootball 2023 experience even better. Get ready to explore the fantastic features of eTurf v0.9, crafted by the talented Endo!

New eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod For eFootball 2023 by Endo

First efforts in turf's editing. Minor changes, base render layer has been remaked, to a greater extent for testing. Work fine for online.

Also included:

New color gradient (lut's set).
Real logo mod.
No ball cursor mod (ball target has been removed).

How to install (temporarly method)

Make a backup for pc3607_console_win.pak, pc3607_console_win.ucas and pc3607_console_win.utoc.
Unrar and copy with replacement to Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\pak
Strongly recommend to combining with the Graphic Mod 2.6

eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 eTurf v0.9 eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9
Original Link : eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod

Password: efootball2023evoweb

Credits & Thanks To : Endo
Big Thanks To : @NFS_FM for all logos, @Hawke for Adidas ball skin.

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