5 Best Free Metaverse Games That Can Make Money in 2023

5 Best Free Metaverse Games That Can Make Money in 2023
5 Best Free Metaverse Games That Can Make Money in 2023

Technology has developed so fast and is so futuristic, especially in game development in terms of gameplay and visualization. Crypto-metaverse games are already very much in circulation on Android.

It is worth noting that all metaverse games can make money because they use crypto. In 2021, Filipinos and Vietnamese played a crypto metaverse game called Axie infinity to make money.

1. The Sandbox Game

In 2012, French co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget of Pixelowl initially made Sandbox available as a smartphone game.

It is simply another user-generated infrastructure where individuals can customize their identities to look like blocks and utilize metaverse blockchain technology and smart contracts to protect their published content.

The Metaverse Sandbox game mostly includes three different things. Players can use the 3D modeling program VoxEdit to design avatars, cars, plants, animals, support tools and other things.

The Global Marketplace, which is the Sandbox's secondary offering, allows players to export their work to be sold within the game world and make money in the real world. Then there's Game Maker, which allows users to create 3D video games without writing a single line of code.

Sand is the name of the main currency in Sandbox. On the Sandbox world map, players can also select properties (a group of regions) that they can buy and sell. Players also have the option to advertise those assets throughout the Open Sea NFT marketplace.

2. Roblox

The Roblox crypto game is a sandbox game that does not require a virtual reality (VR) headset at all.

The Roblox gaming platform has recently exploded in popularity and continues to be a place where millions of people live their 'other' lives. Roblox allows users to create a character in the shape of a cube block of their own customized size.

Roblox hosts over half a million games divided into categories; from the scariest horror games on Roblox to action-packed games, there is a lot on offer.

In addition, there are Roblox roleplaying servers, which are specialized places where users gather and roleplay as different people in the game.

Players can have their own Roblox home or even virtually marry someone and live like a family. If you're looking for a simple yet fun crypto-metaverse game, pick Roblox and start playing.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a well-known and widely played crypto metaverse game that uses an NFT implementation. The gameplay offered in this game is similar to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company's blockbuster Pocket Monster collection franchise.

This is because players strive to build an army of digital pets known as Axies." These pets double up as the game's collectible NFTs, which can be printed by whoever earns them.

The metaverse vibe is particularly strong here, as players also have the ability to purchase plots of land and houses that their Axies can inhabit.

Axie Infinity's NFT-driven, play-to-earn economy and online community full of new players and seasoned 'scholars', point to its strong classification as a metaverse game.

4. My Neighbour Alice

Scheduled to launch in spring 2022, My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based metaverse farming simulation inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

Players with their created avatars can use in-game tokens (Alice) to purchase NFTs attached to virtual plots of land (either from Alice or on the public market).

Using in-game assets (such as houses, livestock, crops, and decorations), the player character can grow food and other products on their farm and then trade them on the market.

In addition to charming and relaxing gameplay and building features, My Neighbor Alice promises a robust economy with DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) governance run by community members who own Alice tokens.

The blockchain ecosystem also enables DeFi features such as NFT staking, pledging, and asset leasing through smart contracts.

With staking in the metaverse game, you can make money.

5. Alien World

Alien World is a free-to-play P2E metaverse game with a decent following and fans. While it is free to play, players must make a small purchase of the game's native cryptocurrency, the Trillium token (TLM), to be able to complete missions and acquire NFTs.

The gameplay revolves around players traveling to distant alien worlds and mining TLM or NFTs found along the way. As the player makes their way through the game and the inventory continues to grow, they will have more resources to find NFTs faster.

There are over 300 different NFTs that players can collect. Each NFT is unique in terms of value and rarity. The objectives of the gameplay are:

  • mining or acquiring more than 300 NFTs Participate in Nebula events.
  •  Rent a spaceship to travel to distant planets.
  •  Compete against other players and win.
  •  Hoard TLM assets to earn rewards.
  •  Contribute to the Alien World Government System 

 TLM's market capitalization alone currently stands at over US$52 million, and the token changes hands at around US$0.016495.

Metaverse games that are crypto-based can definitely make money. Almost all metaverse games are free; however, to speed up making money, you have to pay, like current Android games.

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