How to Install PES Patches (Updates) on PC for All Versions


How to Install PES Patches (Updates) on PC for All Versions
How to Install PES Patches (Updates) on PC for All Versions

Every year, the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) series is released. However, not everyone always changes their PES version. Sometimes there are also those who stay in a certain version of PES.

For example, PES 2013, PES 2017, PES 2018, PES 2019, and so on. One of the reasons is none other than the PES gameplay itself.

For certain PES players, you can still play PES with the latest updates. Whether it's transfers, kits (jerseys), balls, shoes, or other updates

Here, Mariokaze will explain to you how to install updates for PES. Anyone can do it, including beginners.

PES Update Requirements on PC or Laptop

Before proceeding, you should first know some details regarding the following PES 2021 updates:

1. Patch File

First, you have to prepare the patch file. There are various options for this patch. For example, Evoweb (most people use this), Smoke Patch, and others

From our perspective, we recommend that you use Evoweb. The reason is that Evoweb 2023 is easy to install (just click-click). There is no need to bother setting or changing the default PES files.

Besides that, Evoweb also has various other advantages, including:

  • One install can get thousands of updates.
  • Complete updates, including kits, balls, player faces, and more
  • Team logos are customized, new leagues are added, and more
  • Latest game transfer updates

2. Additional 13GB Storage Space

Evoweb is about 13GB in size. The file is in the form of an installer that we have to install.

Once installed, the file will be around 15GB or more. Therefore, make sure that the drive where the PES folder is installed has at least 20GB of free storage space.

How to Update PES on a PC or Laptop

Next, we discuss how to update PES. Make sure you have an internet connection to download. For example, if you use a quota, make sure the quota is enough.

1. Visit Kazemario's website.

Kazemario Evolution Website

First, please visit the Kazemario Evolution. The address is If so, select the version of PES you're playing. For this example, we're playing PES 2021.

Search for and download the update file there. It is recommended to choose the latest version so that the updates are stable and more complete.

If so, just wait for the download process to finish. Then proceed to the next step.

2. Extract Patch File

Patch files sometimes consist of multiple parts. Part 1, part 2, and so on. This file is in RAR format and needs to be extracted first.

Make sure you already have the Winrar application installed. Then please right-click the Part 1 file and select Extract Here.

Wait for the process to finish. Approximately 2 to 3 minutes. There will be a new folder that contains the Evoweb installer file, like the following:

3. Install the Evoweb Update File.

As mentioned earlier, Evoweb is easy to install. More or less similar to installing a regular application.

Here's how to update PES using Evoweb:

  • 1. Open the Evoweb installer first by running it as an administrator.
  • 2. Click Next on the Evoweb window..
  • 3. Select the installation option. Whether from Steam or not.
  • 4. Set the installation to the directory where the PES is installed.
  • 5.Wait for the Evoweb installation process to complete.
  • Click Exit when you are done.

4. Open the PES.

At this point, please open PES. Just open it as usual on the desktop via the PES icon.

Or you can go to C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (the default folder PES is installed in).

A little extra, the Evoweb feature is already installed, you will then see the Uninstall Evoweb program.

5. Check if the update is active or not.

Finally, please check whether the Evoweb update is active or not. Open the exhibition match and then check the leagues.

There are usually not many PES leagues, whereas if Evoweb is active, then many major leagues (especially in Europe) will appear. Also, the logos and team names will be updated.

Continue to open the teams. Make sure the players are in transfer-update condition. You can also look at kits, balls, and others to see if there are any additions or not.

If that's all, just play.

That's the discussion on how to update PES to the latest version. With this tutorial, you will get various transfer updates, kits, balls, leagues, and much more.

A little addition, one Evoweb update, and you won't need to update much in the future.

For example, you have installed Evoweb AIO (large version), which has many updates in the installer.

If you want to get minor updates like transfers and kits, you just need to install the minor installer. It's available on the Kazemario Evolution website. And the installation is pretty much as usual.

Just ask in the comments for more details. Including any questions you may have.

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