Here it is: How to Update eFootball PES 2021 Latest 2023!


Here it is: How to Update eFootball PES 2021 Latest 2023!
Here it is: How to Update eFootball PES 2021 Latest 2023!

Mariokaze News: Games in the soccer genre will probably only have two names that have been very popular for decades, namely Konami with PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) and EA with FIFA. Both game developers are quite competitive in competing for the hearts of soccer game lovers.

The competition between the two includes many complex things up to what is most felt by the two game users, namely the issue of football club licenses. The struggle for club licenses between the two game developers is undoubtedly very pronounced until the game cannot include complete data from one of the football clubs that is not included in the license.

The problem of incomplete club data is what makes many soccer game players disappointed, especially if their favorite club is not registered in the game. If this happens, the excitement of playing football games will indeed feel less perfect if the favorite team license is not there.

There is one of the most effective ways to bring our favorite team into a Pro Evolution Soccer game that does not have a license, namely by using patches. But most of us may not really understand how to install patches in the PES game.

How to Install PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Patches

How to Install PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) Patches: Mariokaze will provide tutorials that you can practice in all types of PES games, starting from the old PES series to the latest. This method is done on your PC or laptop by following the steps correctly.

1. Install the PES game first.

2. After that, you just have to download the PES patch that matches the PES year you installed. Because here we will update for the eFootball PES 2021 game, I will recommend the latest PES, namely the eFootball PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023.

3. After downloading the file, extract it.

4. If you have installed the patches, you have downloaded everything.

5. If it is successful, it will form a folder and then install the file

6. Choose the PES main game storage folder correctly so that there are no problems later.

7. Select yes when the POP pops up regarding the install.

8. The next step is to copy the EDITOOOO file from the patch extract earlier.

9. Then paste it into the Documents Folder - Konami - PRO Evolution Soccer - Save - After that paste the file

10. Done! You can play PES with the patch you have downloaded.

If you understand the above method, then you should be able to install easily; this stage is the most basic and most difficult. If you want to add customs such as tattoos, jerseys, and others, there are other ways to do so using the Tools Generator.

There are several free PES Patch provider sites that you can use with the same installation tutorial as Mariokaze beritaukan above. Some sites even provide some periodic updates that you can also get for free. Mariokaze recommends the site because there are always updates about the latest Pro Evolution Soccer game.

On the site, it provides various patches that you can customize with the master that you have installed before. The size of the patch itself can vary from more than 5GB to even up to 10 GB after you extract it later. Make sure you download the PATCH file correctly, considering its large size. It will be very wasteful if you download it wrong.

If you can install a simple PATCH method, you can apply it properly, and there are no obstacles when playing it; this can be seen in the gameplay of the character display and the complete club. That's some information that might be quite useful for those of you who want to make your PES game more fun to play.

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