PES 2013 JK Patch 2023 AIO


JK Patch 2023 AIO For PES 2013
PES 2013 JK Patch 2023 AIO

JKDCBP present to you the first test version of the PES JK Patch 2023 AIO V3 update. There is a lot of news here, and JKDCBP try to write them down briefly.

New Features Version 3 (14-3-2023)

- Create "PES JK Patch 2023 AIO V3" for new User
- Create "PES JK Patch 2023 Update V3" (For V2 User)
- Create Installer version (Inno Setup style) and RAR version
- Create new Recovery Setup with new EXE
- Updated AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022 Squad (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand)
- New winter transfer updates (1 February 2023)
- Lots of new faces and updated kits
- Lots of new youngsters and wonderkid
- New body setting by Aluel Facemaker
- New Warrix Bersatu AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022 ball by Pilong Project
- New Banners features for lots of national teams (different banners each teams)
- New exe with Become A Legend league and cup logo fixed
- New Other Asia team (Al-Nassr FC)
- New League selection format with separate modes optimized for Master League and Become A Legend
- Simplified and new information placed in description of League mode
- When playing Master League mode, WE League/Second Division will become "D2 League"
- When playing Become A Legend mode, this WE League slot will become "JK League" instead (main league mode) so it will be more relatable
- Added new 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums (Al-Bayt Stadium)
- Added new 2022 FIFA Club World Cup stadiums (Prince Moulay Abdullah Stadium)
- Added new iconic stadiums (Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Red Bull Arena, La Bombonera, Estadio Azteca, Cairo International Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin)
- Added Start Screen option in Themes tab and Custom Start Screen option
- Added word "Themes :" for Full Themes options in "Themes" tab
- Added Original PES 2013 Texture and Animation option in "More" tab for Low Spec PC (the background, ambience, walk-in animation, etc)
- Added Lite Face Mode option in "More" tab for Low Spec PC (only loads important players only)
- Added Simple Settings option for both low spec user and HD user in "More" tab (one button settings to configure sweetfx, stadium, grass, turf, chant, etc))
- Fix some commentary name error (Dalot, Araujo, etc)

How To Install

A. UPDATE FROM 2023 V2 TO V3 :

  • You MUST have already Installed PES JK Patch 2023 V2 Full Version
  • Run "PES JK Patch 2023 Update V3 Setup.exe" and extract to the game folder
  • PES JK Patch Launcher will be automatically opened after extraction finished
  • Select Documents Location version first (Standard or OneDrive) (under Hotlinks, right-part of the Launcher)
  • Select Update V3 (under Hotlinks, right-part of the Launcher)
  • Enjoy the game!


  • Run "PES JK Patch IMG Setup.exe" to install necessary IMG files
  • You can also copy/use "img" folder instead from PES2013 (Original/RELOADED version, DO NOT USE repack) nd put it in new location (Recommended="C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\PES JK Patch\")
  • Run "PES JK Patch 2023 AIO V3 Setup.exe" and extract to where "img" folder located (Recommended="C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\PES JK Patch\")
  • PES JK Patch Launcher will be automatically opened after extraction finished
  • Select Documents Location version first (Standard or OneDrive) (under Hotlinks, right-part of the Launcher)
  • Select First Install (under Hotlinks, right-part of the Launcher)
  • For new user, maybe you also need DirectX, NET Framework 4.0 and Visual C++, you can install these in the More tab
  • In the Launcher, you can change the settings and gameplay configuration to set the resolution, buttons and other graphic settings
  • You can also configure which features you want to activate or deactivate in the Launcher
  • You can select to play with or without Mini Selector
  • Enjoy the game!


- Use Administrator Account only with all administrator privilege enabled
- Preferably, turn off temporarily any Antivirus or Windows Defender during installation, you can turn it on again after the installation finished
- Recommended Location = "C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\PES JK Patch\" or just don't change the location during the installation
- If you use Custom location to install, make sure there is no "PES JK Patch" folder inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\", if its exist, just delete it
- Currently only Standard (Windows Default) and OneDrive (OneDrive Default) location that is supported by the Launcher
- You can check the Launcher working "Documents" location by pressing the Banner (the one with big PES JK Patch word on it"
- Custom "Documents" location or custom system language (not English) may not worked perfectly and may have to install the option file manually
- You can always manually copy the option file, located in "install/of"

Original Link : JK Patch 2023 AIO

Credits & Thanks to 

JKDCBP, RM Newman, Tio Satria, God, KONAMI, Jenkey, Edward Can, ADJI Design, Auvergne81, 777JessERS777, eLstrix NiNo, Manh Kien, THOMNG, Gui Duraes, Enzo))7((, Icdtad, WEBosnia, Q Bootmaker, TasaMosa, Xcdf, Metehan, Marcelo Marques, KayH, RzTen, Tarab, Flavio dos Santos, Pilong Project, Taysser Facemaker, Rzgar Rgr, CrackDit, Mohamed Sameh Facemaker, Moreactive, RVP Kitmaker, Nguyen Hoang, PDC_12, Mohamed Laid El Kolli, Kepros Jos, Fabio2598, Vimaranense, Hzuse, Yodhz, Kitmaker Julinho, RGR Editor, PES Pasion, Barangkuay, PUMA Kitmaker, Srya, MGPES, Feriawan, Renzo DLC, Matheus Washington, Arabian Gaming, Aluel Facemaker, FNS Kitmaker, DSS69Project, Blue Facemaker, izall ngok, and all of modders that inspire me

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